Extreme Protective Case in Pink !

We are certainly living in a world of opposites. Women are generally known for their obsession with pink colors. Nothing strange here so far, they love to buy accessories in pink and its variations with flowers etc. (Click here for our other review for covers, cases for women)

But, if I tell you that one of the best selling pink iPad 2 cases on Amazon is bulky, heavy and also advertised as providing military level protection; what would you think about?

Let me introduce you Griffin Survivor Pink, extreme duty case for ladies which managed to grab very high ratings on Amazon (close to full 5 points)

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Trident Kraken iPad 2

If Darth Vader had an iPad, he would just use Trident Kraken case. This is how I felt as soon as I had seen this accessory in a local shop a month ago. The price was high and I had ordered it on Amazon and wanted to share experience with it after a few weeks of usage.

I am a careless person mainly and wanted a case which would be protective as well as quite stylish. A few days ago, I had dropped my tablet on a hard floor but hopefully, it was protected by this case. The case had a very tiny crack on it but most importantly it had eliminated the shock wave which could easily damage my precious tablet. The other option was popular Otterbox Defender but I think it is rather bulky although most probably it would not crack at all.

Trident Kraken iPad 2 Case

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iMainGo Speaker Case Review

This is maybe the only real product of a great unique idea! Having a case with integrated speakers for iPad is now possible. Plus, it will easily convert into a stand as an extra function. The logic is very simple. Normally, it protects the tablet as a case. When you want to listen something, simply open the covers and stereo speakers are revealed on each side. Each side has 2 speakers, so the total is four.


According to our tests, iMainGo speaker case for iPad & iPad 2 gives a very hi-quality sound and especially the bass sound is very thick and clean without any noise at the high volume levels.

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Stylish iPad 2 Bags

I will write a review of STM iPad jacket which I have ordered on Amazon for a low price. Actually, I had noticed this bag in a nearby local Apple accessories shop but the price tag was high. After searching on Internet, finally decided to go with Amazon again.

I was right at my decision. This is a very contemporary looking and high quality made iPad 2 bag. I should emphasize that all iPad models will easily fit into it. It is lightweight and thin as another plus. Continue reading

Buy iPad 2 Covers UK

This is a refined list which we have carefully brought together specially for the iPad 2 owners who are living in UK and trying to find the best cases for their tablets. All the following items are available to buy on Amazon.co.uk website. So, let’s start our review according to case design, price, usability and durability.

TeckNet Premium iPad 2 Folio Cover Case

It is the best customer choice especially if you are in low budget but do not want to sacrifice from the quality as well. For months, it is the top rated and best seller iPad 2 accessory on Amazon UK website. We can easily name it as “ideal case” for your device. We know that there are much more pricey cases in the market which can not even offer the same level of quality.

TeckNet ipad 2 folio cover case

Anyway, the case provides very secure, exact fit. The case is protective and sleek at the same time. The cutouts are properly done for all functions inluding the rear camera. The stand position for viewing is at the optimum angle. A typing position is also provided.

Overall, you will not have a problem with this case. It is a highly recommended, favorite item.

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Griffin Survivor Case for iPad2

Afraid to harm your iPad 2 because your workplace or active life endangers it? Possibility drop it or afraid to suffer from shocks on it? This case will put an end to all your fears because it is a “military grade protective” case for iPad 2. Griffin Survivor is made of two main layers. durable, anti-shock, drop-proof shock absorbing rubber-like material applied on a shatter-resistant hard polycarbonate skeleton.

Griffin Survivor iPad 2 case

The case has managed to pass rigorous tests of US Military Defense MIL-STD-810 standards. It means that the case will survive from other extreme conditions as well. The list includes sand,dust,vibration, wind,rain proof features.

Not a cheap case in terms of price tag, but it gives 100% protection and you will feel very relaxed.

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Luxury Leather iPad 2 Covers Cases

Before starting our review, let me explain a fact in detail. Usually, the leather cases for iPad 2 you will find in the market are made of leatherette (fake leather) or PVC (a technique where very thin leather layer is applied on a sheet of plastic). Their prices range from $10 to $30 in most cases. On the other hand, the covers and cases which we can call as luxury and made of genuine leather start from $120 and can range up to several thousands (if they are made of genuine alligator leather for example).

We will review luxury, elegant ones having a price tag from $120 to $200.

Piel Frama Ostrich textured leather case for Apple iPad 2

Piel Frama is a highly renowned Spanish fashion house which also produces unique leather accessories for Apple products. This model is designed to fit iPad 2 perfectly and made of genuine leather and given a texture of Ostrich to increase luxurious effect. Let me emphasize that all their products are handcrafted to keep the quality level very high.

Piel Frama Ostrich textured genuine leather iPad 2 case

Not only the design but also the functionality is top notch for it. There are exact cutouts for all tablet functions. The cutouts are also made for rear camera and speaker grill of the device.

There is an extra place inside to keep small documents and notes. The cover has also stand function which enables two positions, one for typing on the virtual iPad 2 keyboard and one for viewing something on the tablet.

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MacCase Premium Leather iPad Carrying Bag

What an attractive and modern design for the men who know what they want from life! It perfectly reflects the hi-tech and exclusive world of Apple iPad. The bag will easily hold the iPad and iPad 2.

Your device is protected very well in padded section and there is another pouch to carry accessories. If you want, you can detach it easily. The company has even included the function of smart cover. It means that the tablet will go to sleep mode when you insert it into the bag automatically, and will wake up as soon as you take it out from the bag. Very clever!

Leather iPad 2 bag

The look and feel of this case is really worth the money you will spend. Just spoil yourself with this iPad 2 bag if you are a man. If you are a woman, your lover or husband will just adore it.

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Best iPad 2 Cases Covers for Women

This is a refined list which we have ended up after reviewing at least 30 of iPad 2 covers and cases. The best part of today’s blog post is you can actually buy any of them online. Many other blogs just present unfinished or designer items which you just look and can not buy. We are different and help our female readers on their decisions. So, let’s start our review.

CTech Pink Cover for iPad 2

Having a very attractive flower style using the soft pink color, this is one of the top rated iPad2 cover models for women on Amazon store. Although it is not made of genuine leather but from leatherette, it still looks very elegant and luxury. Plus, the price is quite affordable.

Pink iPad2 cover for women

There are many pluses with this case. It doubles as a multi-view stand and you don’t need to remove the tablet from the case to change between portrait and landscape modes. It uses a unique rotating system to achieve this.

pink ipad 2 covers

Another good thing is the revealed Apple logo in the center. It shows the feeling of having an iPad correctly. Interior material is made of soft microfibre like material so that iPad will be protected against scratches from inside too.

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Koolertron Pink and Red Colored iPad 2 Covers

These are pretty, super cute and suitable for young girls. Made of high quality leatherette material, they will protect your iPad against dust, dirt and scratches very well. All functions of the tablet including the speaker grill, rear camera have properly cutout for easy usage without never removing the tablet from the case, for example to take a photo.

Pink iPad 2 cover

Red iPad 2 cover

The package also includes a screen protector and stylus. Overall, if you are young or have a young mind, you will fall in love with the cute iPad 2 cover models.

Here are the links to Amazon.com to buy according to your color choice.

Buy pink cover on Amazon.com

Buy red cover on Amazon.com

Pink cover for iPad2

Red cover for iPad2

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Otterbox Reflex iPad 2

Otterbox is one of the leaders in mobile device accessories without a doubt. Most of their products manage to get top ratings from customers. When I heard that the new cover model branded as “Reflex” is even better than legendary Defender series, I wanted to give a try.

Otterbox Reflex

Not so surprisingly, I have seen a carefully designed, top notch product at my hands. There were many people asking for a premium quality case from Otterbox which will not add a bulk to the device. It is not super rugged, military level protective case cover for iPad 2 for sure, but has some other advantages. It is very lightweight, thin and has a special speaker grill opening to give maximum sound to the surround. In any other case, I didn’t meet such a unique feature.

(Check full features here)

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Speck Products HandyShell Case Review

Sometimes we need to feel the new styles and approaches for our digital gadgets. The new Handyshell model by Speck has a very interesting design which will suit for iPad owners who need to break the rules of their comfort zones.

The first thing I felt is its masculine, aggressive design. It is made of very durable hard plastic and also surrounded by rubber through the edges to provide a well performed protection against bumps. The minor drawback is the added thickness. What it really differs is the thumb ring on the back. It is used to arrange different positions in stand mode and gives a very contemporary look which you will not find in other covers in the market.

Plus, you are not limited to some pre-defined viewing and typing angles on Speck HandyShell iPad 2 case. It has friction too, so looks very secure on standing position. You can even hold the iPad 2 better in your hands as you will notice from the images below. The combination of red and gray is also a nice choice.

Speck HandyShell

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Fintie PU Leather Case Review

This item very closely looks like the best selling Targus 360 degree rotating ipad2 cover case. You can think it as the cheaper alternative to Targus’ model.

Fintie has a price tag of $9 which is very very affordable. Surely, it is not as high quality as the Targus, but it still does what it promises. Protects the iPad 2 and doubles as a stand. The material is average quality synthetic leather, so the price difference mainly comes from here. Continue reading